Join me for this amazing series focused on busting through the myths of entrepreneurship + unlocking your personal magic to take your business to the next level of success!

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Training 0: Clarity, Confidence + Consistency for Conscious Entrepreneurs

If you are tired of waiting for your success–or if you simply do not have the time, money or energy to wait for success to happen someday–then I invite you to check out this video where I share the secret to your success, what’s really holding you back, and how to take action in an aligned way that gets results + feels amazing!


Training 1: Every Conscious Entrepreneur needs to know this…

Before you invest–time, money or energy–in any more trainings, you need to know the truth behind business success. Without this awareness, you will likely continue searching for the answers and hustling your way to burnout. Over the next several weeks, I’m spilling all the secrets to consciouspreneur success, and how to create a simple, aligned business that allows consistent income and leveraged for growth…and this is where the journey begins….let me know your thoughts!


Training 2: Mastering Follow-through for Conscious Entrepreneurs

In this amazing FREE training for conscious entrepreneurs, I continue sharing all the secrets to consciouspreneur success! This series is focused on the inner- and outer-game needed to create your own path to success in creating a simple + aligned business that gets consistent results. In this training you’ll learn: the secrets to mastering the art of follow-through; how to shifting from surviving to thriving; taking action before you are ready; and mastering your TIME for maximum productivity…and results!


Training 3: Finding Clarity

The journey to a simple, aligned business becomes so much easier when you reach the space of clarity. For many struggling conscious entrepreneurs, lack of clarity is one of the top reasons you fail to take action in moving your mission forward. In this training, I share the simple truth behind finding clarity and share simple, powerful action steps to start attracting your ideal clients NOW!


 Training 4:  Attract + Support Your Tribe

This session is the most practical, action-oriented training of the series. I will share the simple truths behind: Packaging + Pricing Services [knowing what services, how to structure + what to charge]; FB Groups [why’s + why not’s; gaining traction + engagement]; Cohesive Content [how to create 48 weeks of content in less than 1 hour]; and Emails + FB posts [action-prompting heart-sharing messages].


Training 5:  Ditch the Pitch…NEVER sell again!

For the final training in this series, we’re talking about a new paradigm for sales that will allow you to NEVER SELL AGAIN…while consistently having others say “YES!!!” to your offers. Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself!

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