ATTENTION Conscious Entrepreneurs!!!

If you are a big-feeling, heart-centered, service based, solo-preneur that is passion + mission driven verses money-driven, keep reading!!! {or watch this video!}

3 ways you lose your power on your entrepreneurial path and how to get it back without becoming someone you are not!


The Problem…

Consistently across the board, conscious + empathic entrepreneurs give their power away in three main areas.

Not having the power rooted deeply within yourself in these three areas will cause you to:

  • Stumble + fumble when it comes to asking others to invest in your offer
  • Be stopped in your tracks by fear + self-doubt, even though you have a strong passion for your work
  • Miss out on clients, income + opportunities that could lead you to the success you desire

So what ARE the 3 areas you lose your power?



Believe me when I tell you this money piece trips up some of the most talented + skilled entrepreneurs on the scene! Here’s a few ways money takes your power:

  • Fear of being a financial fraud by not already having grand financial success
  • Shame of past debts + financial missteps
  • Lack confidence in asking others to invest in your services



When you enter entrepreneurship without a rock-solid relationship with yourself, you quickly find yourself:

  • Procrastinating
  • Frozen by self-doubt
  • Struggling with a lack of consistency + follow-through


#3—Others + Circumstances surrounding you.

When you give your power over to life and those around you, you will no doubt find yourself:

  • Distracted by your fear of failing or lack of progress you are making
  • Limited in your options, lack of support and resources
  • Needing something to change before you can succeed

The Solution…

Here’s the simple truth…You are a POWER SHIFT away from flipping the script of your current entrepreneurial experience and instantly living into the experience you desire!

This is precisely why I poured my heart + soul into creating the most powerful mindset course you have ever experienced!

This 3-Phase Success System guides you step-by-step through mastering each of the areas you consistently give away your power, along with simple integration steps to build the mindset habits required for the success you desire!


Phase #1—Money Mastery!

In the first phase of this success system, you will:

  • Discover what keeps tripping you up on your money path
  • Learn simple, practical integration steps that will fit even the busiest schedules
  • You will be guided day-by-day through a 21-day focus on shifting your relationship with + experience of money through daily emails that include:
    • Bite-size Power Shift training video
    • Simple action step for concept integration
    • 1-page Mindset Anchor download for journaling + self-reflection
    • Gorgeous Visual Anchor graphic for inspiration + daily power focus reminder
    • Power Song Playlist for fun integration of the daily focus!

You will walk away from this phase more empowered + confident with money than ever before, no matter your past money experiences + hardships!


Phase #2—Self-Mastery!

In the second phase of this success system, you will:

  • Discover the unseen foundation behind EVERY success
  • Learn how to connect with, hone + follow your intuition so you can finally end cycles of self-doubt + procrastination
  • You will be guided day-by-day through a 16-day focus that will shift + up-level your experience of + relationship with yourself so you can:
    • Connect deeply to your self-worth + value
    • Know the secret to unshakable self-trust + clarity
    • Receive the same daily support you experience in Phase 1 of this success system!

By the end of this focus, you will be able to completely transform + enhance your relationship with yourself so that you can confidently guide yourself throughout your success journey!


Phase #3—Life Mastery!

The final phase of this success system will set you up for long-term integration + success. You will:

  • Discover how to transform any relationship in your personal + business life
  • Learn how to master the art of manifestation + conscious co-creation
  • This 10-day focus will guide you day-by-day through the practical + tangible aspects of:
    • Relationship Alchemythe secret to ending cycles of abuse, disappointment + giving away your power to others and your surrounding circumstances
    • Manifestation masteryunderstand your role in the manifestation process + put an end to your frustrations + impatience with life around you
    • Benefit from the same daily support you find in Phase 1 + 2 of this success system!
Throughout this final phase, you will become unstoppable as you easily move past distractions + nay-sayers, and finally relax into allowing your vision to unfold before your eyes!

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