Why Whole Food Supplements?

IMG_7253Most supplements on the market today are synthetic versions of what is found naturally in our foods. They are isolated elements of whole vitamin & mineral compounds and are given in high quantities (500-2000mg per serving). When our bodies are given these bits & pieces in high dosages, over time, our natural nutritional reserves are depleted from our bodies. This eventually leads to true nutritional deficiencies and various health ailments.

Whole food sources of nutritional supplements gives our bodies what they are were designed to have. They also include the natural intelligence build in to tell our bodies exactly how to utilize every aspect we put into our bodies.

How do you know the difference? Look at the label. Whole food sources are easily recognizable. Multi-vitamin ingredient lists should read like your grocery shopping list and contain known food sources such as various fruits & veggies. Also, check the quantity you are receiving per serving. Whole food sources are usually represented in micrograms (mcg) or very low milligrams (mg) per serving. Anything 500mg+ per serving is usually a good indicator of synthetic ingredients. Your body requires much lower doses of whole vitamin compounds because they are much more potent and easily utilized by the body.

IMG_7259Many health food stores carry whole food vitamins & their staff should be well trained in helping you find what you need. Don’t let cost dictate what supplements you chose. Take the time to read the labels.

Our soils are depleted of essential nutrients. We cannot meet our daily needs through diet alone. Avoiding future health related issues is priceless & you are worth the investment now!

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