Holistic Restoration’s Crystal Corner

I’m so excited to share with you my love of crystals and gemstones! You can now find HR’s Crystal Corner on Etsy…PLUS SO MUCH MORE!! Visit our online shop and check them out :)

Bahia Amethyst Crystal Benefits – Sleep / Perception / Wisdom

Fluorite Crystal Benefits – Spirituality / Harmony / Confidence

Clear Quartz Crystal – Clarity / Healing / Amplification

Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Benefits – Liberation / Play / Mercy

Sodalite Crystal Benefits – Creativity / Focus / Intuition



Amethyst – Balancing, clearing, transmutes lower frequency into higher, opens 3rd Eye + Crown chakras. Helps the root cause of emotional imbalances. Promotes sobriety. Helps insomnia and dream recollection. Balances 3rd Eye + Crown Chakras – Sleep/Perception/Wisdom

Turquoise crystals (balances throat chakra, soothing)

Citrine crystals (balances solar plexus, empowering)

Green Aventurine crystals (balances heart chakra, “good luck”)

Tiger Eye crystals (balance and harmony)

Unakite crystals (grounding, balances emotions)

Sodalite crystals (balances throat chakra, inspires creation, known as the “writer’s stone”)

Clear Quartz Crystal – Most versatile healing stone; Stone of power, amplifies any energy or intention. Protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, relieves pain. Enhances clairvoyance + awareness, improves one’s perceptions, thought processes are improved.

Balances and clears 3rd Eye + Crown Chakras – Keywords: Clarity/Healing/Amplification


Sodalite – Talisman of the writer, known for enhancing creativity + inspiration, focus + clear communication, deep insight. Increases intuition, perception + self-awareness, truth + insight.

Balances and clears Throat Chakra – Keywords: Creativity/Focus/Intuition


Dalmatian Jasper – Break down barriers you created as protection around you. Relieves need for revenge, releases lack of trust in other people. Helps you move forward, discover purpose, promotes positivity, happiness + childlike play. Encourages team effort + cooperation at work; as well as emotional harmony + fidelity.

Balances and clears Root + Sacral Chakras – Keywords: Liberation/Play/Mercy


Green Aventurine – opens the heart to others and increases trust in life; fosters the ability to be light hearted, and to take emotional risks; cleanses the heart chakra of fear, soothes physical and emotional heart pain, creates emotional safety and security; brings about adventures in love and travel; enhances creativity, individuality and independence; excellent protector for the heart; helps in alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric bodies; relieves stress; aids in manifesting prosperity and success; good luck, abundance, and career changes;

Balances and clears Heart Chakra – Keywords: Luck/Manifestation/Security


Obsidian – promotes grounding, increases awareness of the body and centering of the soul, grounds spirit into body; stabilizes fear and panic states; commonly used for protection and healing; potent cleanser of psychic smog; shields against negativities; increases self-control; supports facing up of one’s true self; releases imbalances

Balances and clears Root Chakra — Keywords: Ground/Center/Protect