40 Never Felt So Good!!!

December marks my birthday month and this year there’s so much to celebrate!

12 years of full-time entrepreneurship…10 years of non-subtracted working…and 40 years of being me :)

Hitting this milestone birthday has given much to reflect over and to feel grateful for.

A massive part of the gratitude and appreciation I feel is for YOU!

Your support over the past years, your belief in me and my mission…YOU are the reason I have so much to celebrate along with my birthday.

And as a token of my appreciation and in the spirit of paying it forward and back and around again…

ALL Online and One-on-One offerings are ONLY $40 each

{Individual value $88-$444 each!}

Bundle ALL Online Master Training series for ONLY $444 + BONUS 1-year Mastermind Support for FREE!!!

{Total packaged value over $3,000!!!}

Power Shift Series!

This master-level training series is focused on helping you shift the power from the circumstances surrounding you, back over to you, in order to ensure you have an unshakable journey toward your desires. Each training in this series will walk you step-by-step on understanding where you let your power drain and offers practical approaches to achieving tangible results. For more details on individual trainings, scroll down…

Power Shift Series

Authentic Alignment Master Series!

This master-level training series is focused on helping you align your full self with your mission so you can take unstoppable action with ease and confidence! For more details on individual trainings, scroll down…

Authentic Alignment Series

One-on-One Sessions with Crissy!

Typically, one-on-one support with me is reserved for my Conscious Success Cooperative Partners and long-term massage clients, so this is an amazing opportunity to set yourself up for support in 2019! Each session will give you one-on-one access to me for a 40-minute session with the focus of your choice. Sessions are available for redemption any time in 2019 and will be offered by phone of video conference. If you live local and would like to have your session in-person, that is also an option. Multiple sessions may also be combined and/or divided to ensure maximum benefit. For more details on individual sessions, scroll down…

40-min Session with Crissy

More details…

Power Shift Series:

Self-Love Power Shift {$111 value!} — One of the most commonly overlooked success factors in the entrepreneurial journey is the power of self-love. As you transform the relationship you have with YOU, you begin to tap into your inner wisdom, strength + clarity! This master series walks you beautifully through the process of harnessing the power of self-love to enhance your overall life experience.

Self-Worth Power Shift {$111 value!} — When you are not in touch with and deeply anchored into your innate, inherent, and divine value, all of life will reflect back to you a “not enough” experience. This power shift will guide you through the process of realizing and connecting to your value, and it all starts with discovering your intrinsic value…check it out!

Self-Identity Power Shift {$111 value!} — To get to where you are going, two things are required. One, you must bring your ENTIRE self on the journey—all the emotions, all the doubts, fears, mistakes, flaws, and yes–even your physical body! Two, you must STOP seeing your past self and connect deeply to your true self in order to navigate the journey. This series helps connect you with both!

Intuition Power Shift {$111 value!} — Take a deep dive connecting to, understanding, and honing your intuition with this master series. Your intuition journey begins with debunking the #1 intuition myth and the first step to beginning your journey to unshakable divine guidance found only when you listen to your heart.

Relationship Power Shift {$111 value!} — Over this training, you will learn the exact steps you need to take to shift the power from the people and situations surrounding you, back to where it rightfully belongs…with YOU!

Manifestation Power Shift {$111 value!} — This series is divinely designed to offer you the truth behind the manifestation process, along with simple integration steps that will allow you to relax into your role as the co-creative being that you are. Stop struggling with the Law of Attraction and learn what’s really behind manifesting!

Money Power Shift {$444 value!!!} — You will only ever be as relaxed and comfortable on your life and business journey as you are confident in your relationship with money. This series offers an amazing transformation in the way you relate to money, yourself in relationship with money, and how to fortify your confidence so you can stand your ground even when money enters the room…or leaves it!

Authentic Alginment Series:

Leadership Mastery {$111 value!} — Mastering the art of leadership is key for business success. This series helps you shift into your natural flow of leadership and will give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to take action in a way that inspires others to follow!

Message Mastery 1 & 2 {$111 value!} — This two-part master series you will learn a simple, powerful and effective approach to sharing your mission and offerings with the world in a way that evokes action and naturally allows your ideal clients to self-select your work. If you struggle to have others connect with your message or know what to say about your work, this is the master series for you!

Your Best Offer {$111 value!} — This master series divinely designed to offer you a simple, practical and excuses-free approach to crafting offerings that your ideal clients love!

Monetizing YOU! {$111 value!} — So you want to know the secret to consistent income attraction simply as a result of you being YOU? This powerful series will help you unlock your income attraction potential and guide you step-by-step through what it really takes to establish and grow your own personal economy.

Ditch the Pitch {$111 value!} — If you are sick of sounding like a salesperson every time you talk about your offerings, this master course will show you a fresh perspective on offering your services in a way that feels amazing for you and the receiver of your message. Stop chasing sells and start signing up your ideal clients and customers with ease!

Body Balance Breakthrough {$444 value!!!} — This is an amazing life transforming and enhancing experience. Trust that the change you desire is ALREADY underway and begins the moment you commit to this course. If this course calls to you, I believe your guidance is leading you here because you are truly being called home, to your true home…your body! It’s time for you to make peace and move forward more empowered…so let’s get it started!

One-on-One Sessions:

In-person healing sessions {$88 value!!} — This is for my long-term massage clients! Y’all have been with me from the start and I literally would not be celebrating all this awesomeness with you :) Enjoy 40-minutes on my massage table for a total body/mind/soul balancing session with my Reiki & Essential Oil-infused therapeutic massage, along with additional insights as to what your body is communicating with you and what it is asking for in order to find balance.

Oracle Reading {$111 value!} — This private session is a great opportunity to practice following your inner-guidance and developing your intuition. Session can focus on love, health, finances/business, or any focus of your choice! Choice from a 3-card or 5-card spread and gain some insights and opportunities for deep reflection in this fun and often mind-blowing session.

Distant Healing Sessions {$222 value!} —  This unique opportunity allows you to connect to your inner self and unlock your personal healing code to balance yourself physically and emotionally. Tap into your innate physical intelligence + decode your unique healing protocol.

Limited Belief Clearing Sessions {$222 value!} — During this session, you will be guided through a process {which you can repeat any time in the future on your own!} that will allow you to tap into what you want most; pin-point the exact beliefs holding your back from having it; and complete a clearing process to neutralize the charge and power these limiting beliefs have. Once released, you will move forward with more confidence, clarity and ease! This is a powerful session, so if you are really ready to let something go, or figure out why you keep getting stuck…this session is for you! 

Authentic Alignment Session {$222 value!} — Imagine taking consistent empowered action toward your soul’s desire, and always knowing exactly where to course correct. When you know your personal Alignment Indicator, you become unstoppable! If you are a business owner…or desire to be one, bring to this session your current business approach and be guided into clarity on how you can more authentically align your business, offerings, and energy with the vision you desire for your life!

Body Peace & Empowerment Session {$222 value!} — You will only ever be as at peace and empowered within your life experience as you are within your own physical body. In this session you will gain clarity and insights that will stop your struggle and dissatisfaction with your body, as well as shift the way you connect to and communicate with your physical and emotional self. After this session, you will forever view and relate your body in a new way!

Relationship Healing Session {$222 value!} — The time is ripe for upheavals in relationships as now is the time to up-level or step away from relationships that have been causing you pain, suffering, and anxiety. If you are in a relationship that is struggling but cannot seem to walk away, join me for this session where I’ll offer a fresh approach that may serve as an alternative to you having to go your separate ways. The best part, is that this approach will allow you to walk away with total confidence if that is indeed what your upheaval is really about.

Holistic Life/Business Coaching Session {$222 value!} — Living a holistic lifestyle and building an organic, authentic business is easier and simpler than many realize. In these sessions you will receive customized support in the areas you are ready to create lasting change, create more fulfillment, and allow more ease. This session can be focused on health, relationships, parenting, business, weight-loss, and all types of emotional/physical/spiritual healing and balancing.

BONUS Mastermind Support {Included with FULL Training Series option; additional $888+ value!!!} — The Conscious Success Cooperative is home to my private membership group hosted on FB. Benefit from connecting with like-minded individuals, monthly group healing and deep dive laser coaching sessions, monthly master class series and more!

Thank you for your years of support & for celebrating this milestone with me — xxoo — Crissy

*All in-person one-on-one sessions will be in the form of gift certificates redeemable in 2019. Gift certificates are transferrable so you may offer these certificates as gifts or for personal use. All online training series will begin delivery on Monday, January 7th, 2019 unless otherwise arranged with Crissy after purchasing. For any questions, text me at 919.696.4878 or email me at AskCrissy@gmail.com