Stepping Through the Lion’s Gate {Energy Update 8.8.20}

Stepping Through the Lion’s Gate {Energy Update 8.8.20}

Today marks the height of an energetic portal opening that offers some of the greatest personal empowerment energy of the year. In this energy update, I’m sharing the energy of Leo season and how it’s likely effecting your daily experience, as well as how to work with the energy of right now to better align with the future you desire most.

Join me for this energy update and bonus oracle card reveal, and then join me again today at 2pm EST in person or virtually as I kick off a new monthly series focused on helping you deepen your connection to your intuition and learn how to balance and clear the energy around and within you. If you’ve been wanting to feel more empowered and confident during these tumultuous times, don’t miss these great support options.

PLUS, if you join me over on Patreon at I’ve got a special bonus set up so you can gain FREE access to the new series! I’ll drop links below, and I hope to see you there…xxoo!!


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