Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away… {Energy Update 9.9.20}

Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away… {Energy Update 9.9.20}

Have you ever gone to do something and the unexpected happen?

Maybe it’s you go to start your car and the engine doesn’t turn.

Or maybe you hit the button to power up your computer and you get a blank screen.

Or maybe you make a kind gesture and the recipient responds with a unkind remark.

Whatever the situation occurring when the unexpected arrives, you clearly in that moment have a defining line between what lies within your control and what lies beyond your control.

Because we are physical beings that rely on our 5 primary senses to navigate and survive this earthly experience as long as possible, it’s easy to follow the logic that if there’s something not ideal happening that’s beyond your control, then move as far away from it as possible.

This philosophy will get you somewhere different…however it may not get you to where you truly desire to go…and that desire typically falls somewhere within the realm of fulfillment.

Anyone who’s followed this philosophy has likely discovered sooner or later that you can move away from the situation…but you cannot move away from the images in your mind of past memories or the less than fulfilling emotions they can trigger.

So how do you move beyond the situation AND the internal upheavals?

Here’s my thoughts on walking away from what is agitating you externally in a way that helps to balance what arises internally…check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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