The secret to a peaceful holiday season {ZenGiving Holiday Social}

The secret to a peaceful holiday season {ZenGiving Holiday Social}

Have you even noticed this?

What we say the holiday season is about…

  • Peace + Joy
  • Gratitude + Giving
  • Goodwill + Kindness
  • Taking a break from the grind
  • Gathering with loved ones

What we often actually experience during the holiday season…

  • Hustle + Bustle
  • Frustration + Inconsideration
  • Additional Stress, Guilt + Social anxiety
  • Feeling pulled in multiple directions
  • Interacting with people who trigger you

The holidays are supposed to be a time that is centered on peace, joy, gratitude, and goodwill toward one another.

Yet, more often the holidays turn into a stressful hustle and bustle that force you into high-tension situations and interactions with people who are challenging to deal with.

What if it the holidays didn’t have to be so stressful?

What if you could go through the holidays without feeling energetically drained?

What if there was a way to ensure you could have a peaceful holiday season no matter the number of commitments and challenging people that come across your path?

Holistic Restoration and Victory Power Yoga are teaming up for an evening even the most introverted are not going to want to miss!! Come learn the secret to a zen-filled holiday season!



Come experience the holidays as they were meant to be at ZenGiving Mindful Holiday Social + Workshop!

  • Learn how to bring the calm to your holidays and beyond while making new connections with a compassionate and supportive community of mindful individuals, just like you!
  • Discover a simple process that will fully equip you for the holidays and other social gatherings with an introduction to the Empath’s Survival Guide: Leveraging Stress + Sensitivity as a Strength
  • Walk away from ZenGiving feeling empowered with a repeatable game plan for gaining and maintaining your calm among even the most hectic and triggering situations!

It is our connections to others that feeds and nourishes us.

It is our ability to not lose connection to ourselves when challenging people are around us that fulfills and satisfies.

It is within ourselves that peace and calm is found, no matter the circumstances.

You cannot cut all the toxic people out of your holidays…so come learn how to deal with them without losing your calm.

Feast on great connections and get fully satisfied on passive empowerment at this ultimate mindful night out…I’ll see you there!! xxoo, Crissy 

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