Ready to end your body struggles???

If you have been struggling to reach and maintain a balanced, healthy weight and relationship with your body, this breakthrough experience is for YOU!

  • Bust body myths + cut through confusion {…take the pressure off trying to get it all right!}
  • Learn why diet and exercise alone aren’t working for you {…there’s a reason it’s been such a struggle!}
  • Discover the real reason you fail to get results + keep them {…and it’s not because you’re lazy or lack will power!}
  • Walk away with a forever transformed experience of your body + food, and ability to use food to fuel the body and life you desire!

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Body Balance Breakthrough

  • Mindset Shifts and Eating Tips – Learn why you aren’t doing what you already know; simple steps to clean, conscious eating that works for YOU; and how to end the struggle you have with your body, mind and spirit when it comes to food, body image, and confidence!
    • Bite-sized videos with simple, practical tips so there’s no excuses not to plug in and apply what you learn
    • Let the easy in with step-by-step guidance without restrictions, limitations or rigorous routines
    • Real-life integration so you can start wherever you are NOW without having to make lifestyle changes
  • Join for the Insights, Stay for the Support + Accountability – Once you begin to shift your body experience, keep supporting your integration with Holistic Restoration’s Holistic Healing Circle ENROLLING NOW!
    • This course will forever change your life, your relationship with food and yourself…keep supporting this relationship!
    • The results shared through this series took many, many months (and counting!) to integrate and realize results so staying connected boosts results
    • Consider this series as the first of many, many days of continuing an easier, more empowered and peaceful path forward…steps you’ll be taking anyway, so why not take them more with more ease?

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Body Balance Breakthrough

Finally breakthrough and get off the roller coaster…it’s better on solid ground…join me!

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