8/8 is here and 10/10 is coming…are you ready to receive??

8/8 is here and 10/10 is coming…are you ready to receive??

Why should the dates 8/8 and 10/10 matter to you?

One marks the peak of a powerful energetic portal known as the Lion’s Gate…and the other marks the awakening of another powerful energic portal known as YOU!  See below from more details on both…

Click the thumbnail to watch this video sharing insights around the Lion’s Gate and how you can harness the energy of this ripe time for manifesting and receiving


Have you been craving more connection with yourself? Are you ready to feel more balanced, focused, and fulfilled? Are you ready to allow yourself to receive? Check out the details on the first beach retreat I’ve offered in the past decade, and see who I’m teaming up with to lead a group of ready-to-receive ladies on a life-transforming journey to experiencing life more connected…click the image for more details…

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