8 Practical Steps to Overcoming Your Fears With Ease

8 Practical Steps to Overcoming Your Fears With Ease

We’ve all had one of those days. You know, one of those days where everything is going along just lovely. One where you are feeling at peace with life, perhaps enjoying a few moments of sweet play time with your child, or just walking through your home thinking about what you’ll have for dinner or some other pleasant, random thought.

And then suddenly, completely out of nowhere…BAM!!!

Someone walks in the room, you take a phone call, or you receive an e-correspondence, and in the blink of an eye, your lovely day presents to you a few of your deepest fears.

canfield fearYou stand there, face-to-face with your fears, looking them in the eye. Your heart is pounding, your mind is reeling, your stomach is churning, and you’ve got two choices: run for cover and hope they’ll go away…even though you know they could resurface at any time; or face them head-on and once and for all, make them disappear completely.

Yep, you read that correctly. Face your fears and they’ll disappear.

Overcoming your fears is much easier than we often allow it to be. Don’t believe me? Follow these steps the next time fear is staring you in the face and experience the magic of overcoming your fears for yourself…

  1. Get out of the fog! Mental acuity is key for overcoming your fears with ease. A sharp mind has less fearful thoughts and you are more likely to succeed in keeping yourself on track toward your desired outcome. Sugar, alcohol, and processed foods will keep you in the fog, so decide which is more important to you…keeping your lifestyle the same or transforming your life to the style of your choosing!
  1. Plug in! The internet is loaded with inspiring, uplifting, amazing info that can set you back on track to the truth about who you are and what you deserve in life. Find a great source and get yourself fully charged before moving forward in overcoming your fears. Here are some of my favorites: Dale Allen Hoffman, Esther & Abraham Hicks, Joel Osteen, Less Brown, T. Harv Eker, Rhonda Byrne…(visit my Recommended Resources page for a full listing of my favorite thought-shifters)
  2. Shift your view! Your perception is causing your suffering and your emotions are your guide to your desires. The same is true for others involved in the situation, they only feel bad because of how they see the situation, not because of how it actually is or will ultimately led to. Knowing this will greatly assist you in overcoming your fears with absolute ease!
  3. Feel your way through it! Your emotions are your first manifestation on your journey. If you want an outcome you desire, only engage in facing your fears when you feel the emotion you want to feel as the ultimate result. How you feel is an indicator on what result you will create on your journey to overcoming your fears.
  4. jonkman fearWrite your story before it happens! This is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize when overcoming your fears. Write out a list of positive attributes for the person or situation you are dealing with. Write out a story of you looking back at the situation once it has been ideally handled and you are standing in triumph. Write out best case scenario, all your best thoughts and feelings around your ideal engagement and outcome. If you can’t envision it, it ain’t happening. So get to using your imagination! If you could imagine a best case scenario, an ideal engagement and outcome, what would it be? Write it…then live it!
  5. Root yourself in facing your fears and you never have to! This is a beautiful gift (thanks to the Law of Non-Resistance) to those brave enough to fall into full surrender when overcoming your fears. What we resist, persists; what we embrace transforms. Be willing to face your fears and they’ll disappear from your path. Go ahead, try it!
  6. Center yourself in the knowing you are fully equipped! There is nothing that can appear in your path that you are not equipped to handle and nothing can happen to you or be done to you that you didn’t already agree to experience before entering this world. Approach the situation rooted in that truth and you will find success in overcoming your fears with ease. This truth is what you are searching for and when your perspective is any other than that, you’ll feel the dis-ease in your body and emotional state. So go ahead…you’ve SO got this!!
  7. Remember: You can face them now, or you can continue to live with them because they will never go away, they will never dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came until you are willing to risk failing in order to succeed. Your mind’s number one job is to keep you safe, and the mind likes to have evidence that your actions will ensure safety BEFORE you take them. However, the only way to gather this evidence and to ease the mind is by taking action. Action alleviates fear…so GO FOR IT!

twain fearI appreciate you taking the time to read my posting & I’ll be posting great new information, tips & tools regularly. If you have a recipe you’d like for me to try out & review, topics you’d like to hear about, or any other comments, feedback, or suggestions, kindly send me a message to AskCrissy@gmail.com and I will address the matter in a future blog posting. Be sure to subscribe to my Blog & YouTube Channel, visit my websiteregularly, and follow me on Facebook & Twitter, to stay plugged in to all of my offerings. As always, I wish you infinite love, blessings, peace, and joy as we take this journey together. I am blessed & honored to share my path with you.


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