NOW is YOUR time…

:::::IT’S TIME TO MAKE IT RAIN!!!:::::

Y’all. I’ve never in my life been more serious than what I’m about to say…I WANT TO HELP YOU GET PAID!!!!

During the 2 rounds of beta testing for this power shift, we focused on:

Clearing $$ Blocks! <<< >>> Healing your relationship with $$! <<< >>> Expanding your prosperity consciousness!!! <<< >>> Freeing yourself of $$ fears + shame!!! <<< >>> Up-leveling your inner + outer game for consistent client + income attraction!!! <<< >>> Gaining $$ confidence…in attracting, having and not having $$ <<< >>> Understanding money + attraction mindset <<< >>> Getting over your anticipation of the other shoe dropping <<< >>> WHATEVER YOU NEED TO GET MONEY ROLLING YOUR WAY!!!! <<<

…and we BLEW IT UP!!!!

Here’s what the first round of Beta-testers had to say about their 21-Day Money Power Shift journey:

Now it’s time for YOUR shift…


>>>> YOU <<<<<< Have to commit and show up for YOU!!! You have to be more focused, more committed, and more engaged than EVER BEFORE…and if you are SERIOUS about getting over whatever BS is holding you back from your wealth, then this journey is for YOU!

If any excuses are coming to your mind why NOW is NOT the time…I invite you to thank those thoughts for showing you they are there, and take them as a message from your inner self showing you EXACTLY where to start your clearing of limiting beliefs <3 <3 <3 <3


(watch video + keep scrolling for full details!)

Split-pay option also available…

2 Payments of $222.00

BTW-This isn’t *just* about creating income through a biz…this is LEARNING HOW to RECIVE so money will always be in flow…in balance…seen…honored…recognized…cherished…celebrated…loved…

AND so money will have THIS relationship with YOU, too!!!…no matter where it is coming from or who it  coming through…THIS is about RECEIVING your ABUNDANCE <3

Seriously…start getting your mind wrapped around the fact that you have been praying for this! You have been wanting this + life’s been preparing you for this.

You are ready NOW + you are going to receive this month like never before, so open your heart + your mind to this FACT.

It is done.
Feel it.
Allow it.

This is going to be spectacular…how could it not be??…YOU are spectacular + so very deserving of a life that reflects this in every experience.

This will be unlike anything you’ve tried before around this subject, so get yourself centered in knowing NOW is YOUR time and that THIS is your destiny!

Desiring money is NATURAL and NOT a sign you are greedy, selfish or any other nonsense. As you settle into the reality that this month will FOREVER change your relationship + experience with money, notice ALL that is shook loose and floating to surface within you around what allowing this in your life means to you…good/bad…excited/fearful…pay attention to all of it, as this is how your intuition is showing you what is in your way of receiving…AND what is ready to LEAVE YOUR ENERGY FIELD!!!
So if you are feeling a MIX of emotions around this…PERFECT!!!

It is a CLEAR sign that you are ready to purge what’s holding you back and STEP INTO your NEW + ACCURATE REALITY!!!


Split-pay option also available…

2 Payments of $222.00

Here’s how this 21-day journey made a massive difference in Rob’s life…


necessaryThe time is NOW for you to heal and transform your relationship with $$$$ {I used to cringe just typing “$”!!!} so you can stand in your FULL POWER as the divine being you are!

This month will be a TOTAL game-changer for you…really soak that in as the truth that it is.

By the end of the month, you and Money will be intimately connected…lovingly supportive of one another…confident + certain!

What if THIS is the relationship Money wants to have with YOU?

Are you ready for it?? Will you allow it??? Your time is NOW!!!

I’m getting the CRYSTAL CLEAR guidance that this will be powerfully healing + life-shifting for anyone that feels called to join this focus…it will be AMAZING!!

This is the lifetime you get to live in service, in LOVE and in wealth, too! It is your destiny!! You are going through this purifying NOW so that as that money begins to flow and your wealth begins to accumulate, you can keep it all flowing with a solid foundation and not have to go back through all this again.

You can trust yourself this time around, and that’s truly what this journey will be about…developing the practice of TRUSTING YOURSELF and life and LEARNING THE DEPTHS of your ability to RECEIVE <3 Allow all those past stories to surface <3 they are saying to you their goodbyes <3


AS A BONUS…because I’m committed to offering you MAXIMUM SUPPORT for your 21-Day Money Power Shift experience, I’m gifting YOU with FREE 3-month membership in the Conscious Success Cooperative community!!! You will LOVE being a part of this powerful, inspiring community of heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs committed to living an empowered life. While in the community, you will also gain full access to:

*By joining the 21-Day Money Power Shift, you are becoming a member of the Conscious Success Cooperative community. If you decide to continue your membership past the 21-day focus, you will continue to receive support integrating the power shift, enjoy all other Premiere level membership benefits, and lock in your membership pricing for one full year at this special pricing.

Split-pay option also available…

2 Payments of $222.00