Unlock Your Receiving with 12 Levels of Holistic Restoration

You’ve been doing the work…now start getting the results!

If you are ready to receive more physical, tangible, real-time results


Face it, if finding your balance was solely based on setting goals, following diets and using planners, you’d already be rocking it.

The top reasons you struggle to break out of the cycles that keep you stuck + repeating non-serving patterns despite your commitment to personal + spiritual growth is due to…

  • A lack of understanding of the growth process in order to fully integrate growth concepts
  • Not operating off the full story which impedes the result process
  • Relationships with other’s not committed to the path of growth continue to trigger you

When you are not aware of these tripping points, you get stuck in a holding pattern + repeat the same cycles of frustration and suffering you’ve experienced in your past.

Ultimately, you end up seeing small advances toward your desired life experience, but not the change you know and believe is possible for you.

These struggles cause imbalances in the 3 core areas of your life…

  • Your body’s physical and emotional well-being

  • Your relationships with others + the world around you

  • Your ability to receive the physical results you desire

When your balance is thrown off in any of these three core areas, life becomes uncomfortable, internal pressures mount, and you can easily feel like the you are the problem.

However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth…so keep reading!

How to tell if you need balance in these 3 core areas…

What do Body imbalances look like?

  • Fluctuations in weight, you struggle to reach and maintain a settled weight
  • Not participating in life to the degree you desire due to physical appearance or limitations
  • Physical or Emotional discomfort, frustrations, and lack of control

What do Relationship imbalances look like?

  • Experiencing toxic or negative people in your day-to-day life
  • Your mood and choices are affected by the mood and choices of others
  • You struggle to feel understood or supported by family members or your significant other

What do Receiving imbalances look like?

  • Difficult to attract consistent or desired income or stay financially empowered
  • Feel you are the only one putting forth effort or giving
  • Feel under recognized or unsupported by others
  • Find that you carry more than your load of physical and emotional responsibility

By understanding the growth process and integrating a fuller story into your life, you begin to create a balance between your giving with receiving, which is the key to unlocking the your next level of growth.

Through this holistic approach, you are able to continue your personal and spiritual growth in a way that allows others to take quantum leaps in their own growth…no matter their level of consciousness or commitment to personal growth!

12-Session Immersive Experience to Integrate + Activate
Your Natural Balance + Flow.

Evolve the relationship you have with your body, with others, and with receiving.

What you will learn….

  • Learn how to identify exactly what is throwing you off balance
  • Discover simple processes to regain your balance without having to make more time in your day
  • Allow your growth to accelerate the growth of others as a natural side-effect

The 12 Levels to Holistic Restoration will allow you to feel empowered and confident throughout your journey and beyond knowing that each step you take throughout the year will not be taken alone.

PLUS you’ll have the option to add-on EXCLUSIVE 1:1 MONTHLY support sessions!!!


Don’t let another year pass by while you wait for your story to change…start rewriting it TODAY by saying YES + allow yourself to receive guided support each step of your journey.

The story you begin to write throughout this journey will begin a powerful conscious creation process in your life and set into action the vision you have on your heart and mind for this year and beyond.


What you will experience….

The 12 Levels of Holistic Restoration offers a step-by-step guided + supported immersion to align your energy with the energy of NOW so you can begin to experience the balance + results you’ve been waiting for.

This program will allow you to stay on the leading edge with:

  • Monthly Life Balance Masterclass focused on integrating each of the 12 Levels of Holistic Restoration so you can move past blocks, fill in gaps, and finally begin to get real-time results with less effort and energy drains (you will receive instant access to all 12 levels included in this program, which you are free to consume at the pace you feel is right for you)
  • Monthly Deep Dive Integration 1:1 sessions to ensure maximum understanding and simplified application of Masterclass principles (*kindly note that this is an add-on option and is included with the supported experience only)

Be guided through the distractions of life so you can stay focused on healing, balancing, and finding your flow!


12 Levels of Holistic Healing
3 Phases: SimplifyBalanceReceive

Level #1 – EXPAND – The True {Story of} You

Before you can expand the experience you are having in your day-to-day life, you must first expand your perspective of yourself.

Discover the reason why you get stuck in cycles of self-sabotage, procrastination, and self-doubt. You’ll begin this immersive experience by meeting your Full Self, which will allow you to move past obstacles, distractions and confusion more quickly and with less energy drains.

You are enough now, and when you see how you are enough already, your story changes and life creates what you desire.

Level #2 – EVOLVE – Meet Your Support Team

Your teachers are with you every step of the journey and if you haven’t meet them yet, it’s high time you did.

Your Support Team is working around the clock to ensure your destiny is reached. Level 2 is where you will meet your teachers and learn how to work with them to co-create your desired life experience.

After this month’s focus, you will be able to navigate the most challenging situations tapped into your Support Team, and relax in knowing you are supported no matter what lies ahead.

If you are craving more support in your life, this is the key to unlocking it!

Level #3 – EVOKE – Activate Your Superpower

What good is a superpower if you are not utilizing it? Level 3 clearly defines and calls forth the activation of your ability to create the life experience you desire.

Discover a simple process that will allow you to transform the way you experience challenging situations, people, and circumstances so you can drop excuses that are holding you back.

Once you activate your superpower you will there will be no mountain in your path that you cannot move!

Level #4 – ACTIVATE – How to Be in Your Body

One of the most powerful things you can master, is how to BE in your body without the desire to change or escape it.

  • Expand your perspective on physical symptoms to bring greater balance + harmony to your physical + emotional self
  • Begin to make peace with your scale and reflection in the mirror so you can show up in life
  • Quiet senseless internal chatter so you can hear your inner wisdom pour through

Shift your entire relationship with yourself as you learn how to relax into the skin you are in. Transcend physical and emotional limitations that have held you back in the past.

 Level #5 – ALLOW – How to Speak So Others Hear You

Feeling like you are not being heard can show up in your personal and professional life.

Perhaps you experience this with your life partner or another family member. Perhaps you experience this within your business or with the mission you are moving forward.

Knowing how to use your voice in an effective manner is a powerful skill that will serve you in all aspects of your life, for the rest of your life. Level 5 guides you through when to speak up, as well as when to stay quiet.

Learn how to do both, as needed, without losing your power, feeling diminished, or resorting to aggressive tactics that are not true to your character in order to feel heard.

Level #6 – ALIGN – How to Focus for Results

Distractions are the top killer of reaching goals.

Manage distractions with absolute ease when you learn how align your energy for greater focus, which allows yields greater results!

Level #6 will reveal to you the true root of what has you distracted from staying on course so you can bring it into balance, keep your energy aligned for consistent flow, and stop wasting your time + energy.

Level #7 – FOCUS – The Secret to Consistent Focus

Once you’ve learned how to align your energy, the next step is to build your muscle of consistency.

Staying the course is the name of the game when it comes to getting real-time results from your co-creation efforts. Knowing how to make continual course corrections that will keep you on track is a total game-changer.

Say goodbye to the start/stop, all or nothing, feast or famine, ebbs and flows of life…and flip the switch to start experiencing consistent focus for a consistent flow of consistent results.

Level #8 – FORTIFY – The Secret to Confidence

Consistent action is a natural side effect to consistent confidence.

In Level #8, you will discover the secret to unshakable confidence and know the exact steps to take in order to build your confidence in any situation so you can take the action you need and want to take to move closer to your ideal life experience.

Be able to finally relax into now and find the confidence needed BEFORE you see the results roll in!

Level #9 – FLOW – The Secret to Consistent Action

Consistent action is key for consistent results.

If your action waivers when you fail to see results from your efforts, then Level #9 will forever change your life!

Learn what’s behind the appearance of consistent action so you can move forward in faith long enough to realize your desire.

Flow is not something you make happen…flow is something you learn to allow in your life.

Level #10 – REUNITE – Let Go to Level-Up

Letting go can be one of the most challenging concepts to grasp.

Level #10 of Holistic Restoration takes you through a deep understanding of detachment and surrender which will allow you to loosen your grip on life, and fully unite the soul-self with the egoic self to end the struggle for control.

Through this process you will learn how to let the body lead you in what to let go of next in order to keep up-leveling your life.

It’s easy to think detachment and letting go are forms of separation, while in truth they are both found when you fully unite with life. 

Level #11 – RECIPROCATE – Give to Yourself Through Others

Level #11 is where your journey will begin to quickly accelerate.

At this level you will learn the what it takes for instant manifestation, as you discover how to rewrite your life story in real time.

Miracles begin to flow on a daily basis right before your eyes at this level of restoration, and you will begin to play with life in a more exciting and carefree way.

Level #12 – RECEIVE – Your Endless Well of Receiving

Everyone has access to their own private endless Universal receiving well…even you!

This final Level of Holistic Restoration allows you to create a continual connection to your flow of receiving.

The best part is that the only way to access your endless well is through living life in an intentional, sacred and fulfilling way in which everyone wins.

This final focus will guide you through the the exact steps to cultivate and maintain a powerful flow of receiving as you continue your journey forward!

Who is this program for?

Just because you’re willing to create a better life, doesn’t mean you are ready.

You know you are ready when you commit.

If you are committed to finding your balance and finally unlocking the results you know are possible for your life this healing circle is for you!

  • Committed to living more balanced
  • Committed to being more focused
  • Committed to showing up consistently
  • Those who have worked too hard and know too much to struggle so much with such few results to show

Set yourself up for success with a realistic and supported approach that creates the space for authentic healing and evolution that is aligned with your beliefs of what is possible for you and your prosperity.

Begin NOW and commit to the experience you want to have.



Find the level of support that is right for you and maximize your time, money, and energy as you navigate the 12 Levels!

Tiered Support to Meet You Where You Are At…

Tier 1 $111/month x 12 -or- $1,111/full-pay

Tier 2 $147/month x 12 -or- $1,477/full-pay {includes Quarterly Personalized Integration}

Tier 3 $177/month x 12 -or- $1,777/full-pay {includes Monthly 20-minute Personalized Integration}

Inner Circle $197/month -or- $1,997/year {includes Monthly 45-minute Personalize Integration Support + 24/7 Email/Text Virtual Support}


Get the next level of support at these special savings and secure your support NOW!

Monthly Membership Tiers

Full Pay Membership Tiers

You’ve been working too hard to not be getting the results you desire in life.

You’ve waited long enough…this is your year…HR’s Holistic Healing Circle is your balanced support…consistent support, consistent action, consistent results.

Fill in the gaps that are throwing you off balance and keep what you’re doing from getting the results you know possible.

Let this be your year to find your balance and allow your flow!


  • How long are the one-on-one personal integration sessions that are included in the tiered membership support options?
    • Each personal integration session will be a powerful focused session that includes pre- and post-session support, along with 20-45 minutes one-on-one connection via phone or video conference to assist with personalized integration and understanding of the healing circle concepts. Session length is determined by Tier level…Tier 2+3 members receive 20-minute sessions; Inner Circle members receive 45-minute sessions.
  • How INSTANTLY will I receive my instant access to all 12 courses?
    • You should receive an email with a link to access all 12 courses in the 12-Levels of Holistic Restoration within 24-hours and submitting payment. If you do not see the email in your inbox within 24-hours, be sure check your spam folder and reach out to Crissy at AskCrissy@gmail.com if it’s not there.
  • I still have more questions…how can I get them answered quickly?
    • Given my commitment to ensuring this offer is right for you, you may contact me directly with any questions at AskCrissy@gmail.com or by text to 919.696.4878. I will either answer your questions directly or we can set a quick chat to touch base. It is important to me that you are confident with your commitment to this work and understand the year long vision and integration process. Reach out for support!
  • I’d love to commit to full pay option, can I split the payment into two?
    • YES!! If you are ready to commit and save, you can pay 50% TODAY and the other 50% 30 days later. Contact Crissy directly to set this option up :) After the initial payment, you will receive access to the first SIX levels of Holistic Restoration, and after the final payment you will receive access to levels 7-12.