Group Healing, Clearing, + Alignment Sessions

These sessions are offered + rotated monthly {2 date/time options per month}


Distant Healing Session—This unique opportunity allows you to connect to your inner self and unlock your personal healing code to balance yourself physically and emotionally. Each session will allow you to clear the blocks that:

▪ Stop you from taking action
▪ Keep you from receiving
▪ Cause you to repeat non-serving patterns in your life

Tap into your innate physical intelligence + decode your unique healing protocol. {Available in January, April, July + October}

Limited Belief Clearing Session—Be guided through the process of uncovering the subconscious beliefs holding you back in your life and business! Each session will allow you to:

▪ Neutralize limited beliefs
▪ Remove your next layer of limited thinking
▪ Up-level your life experience

Tap into your subconscious limiting beliefs + learn a repeatable process that keeps your mission moving forward. {Available in February, May, August + November}

Authentic Alignment Session—The perfect complement to follow your clearing of limiting beliefs, you can now authentically align your energy with the actions you take in your business. Come to this session ready to:

▪ Complete a self-audit of your current business structure, offerings, and approach
▪ Be guided on how to align your business + energy with your future vision
▪ Ensure you are always on track and maximizing your journey!

Bring to this session your current business approach + be guided into clarity on how you can more authentically align your business, offerings + energy with the vision you desire for your life. {Available in March, June, September + December}

$44 per session Investment {$22 for all Consciouspreneur Club members; FREE for all Consciouspreneur Mastermind members}

What are these sessions all about? Watch this video to learn more!

What Clients are saying about these powerful group sessions…

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